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FON: Wifi Everywhere

Author:  Matthew Homan
Date:  2007.04.04
Topic:  Networking
Provider:  FON
Manufacturer:  FON

FON: Wifi everywhere

Introduction to FON
TechwareLabs acquired a new product from FON Inc. The product is a simple looking access point and a large community of users behind it. Our first reaction was the standard “great, another shareware product,” but soon came to discover that this access point product was pretty readily available. Of course we are not saying it is on every street corner, but it sure does have to potential to be.

What is FON? (click the link for their explanation)
The FON appliance is a wireless access point that provides internet access through your high speed connection. Now a lot of users out there are ask why would I want to share my internet connection, well the appliance is beneficial two fold, first once you own an appliance you can register it with an account. This account allows you to connect to and use any FON internet access point world wide. Also the FON device can be set up to charge those users who would like to use your WiFi connection. We didn’t set ours up to do charge for connection, but it looks pretty simple baring you have a paypal account.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions 93.5 mm x 25.5 mm x 70 mm (excluding antenna)
PowerSupply Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60 Hz 0.3A. Output: 5V, 2.0A DC output
PowerConsumption 4 Watt
Memory Flash 8 MB / SDRAM: 16 MB
AntennaConnector RP-SMA connector (reverse SMA)
Antenna Omni-Directional detachable antenna (2dBi)
Authentication WEP 64bit/128 bit, WPA, WPA2, WPA mixed
Encryption TKIP, AES, Mixed
Network Standard Support IEEE 802.11b / 802.11g (up to 54 Mbps)


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