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4IPNET MSG100 Gateway

Author:  Jason Knappenberger
Date:  2008.04.13
Topic:  Networking
Provider:  4IPNET
Manufacturer:  4IPNET



            This is a new product for us from 4IPNET, Inc.  “4IPNET is a provider of cost effective, high-performance and easy-to-use network products that address the specific needs of public wireless network operation, small to medium businesses, remote offices, and SOHO as well as home networking environments”, taken from their own website.  They are based out of Taiwan, but have a US office in California.


The MSG100 with its list of features is designed to be the gatekeeper for an entire organization. The MSG100 is a hardware based firewall with customizable accounts and the ability to provide remote access as well as a plethora of other features. Judging by the types and amount of supported features it's no doubt that 4IPNET has taken serious aim at the security and router industry with the MSG100. We will talk about the features and our experiences on the next few pages.

Overview of the 4IPNET MSG100

            On paper this looks like a nice firewall with a lot of functionality.  It supports multiple types of authentication including a local DB, RADIUS, LDAP, NT Domain and POP3.  The device supports multiple virtual network or VLANs which 4IPNET calls “Service Zones”. You can assign each LAN port its own subnet and access controls.  Multiple policies can be assigned to users or groups of users.  You have multiple VPN options including site-to-site VPN tunnels and client-to-site VPN tunnels using either IPSec or PPTP.  Two WAN ports allow for failover of your internet connection and load balancing.  It will also act as a SIP proxy with QoS support.  A full (and extensive) feature list is on the next page…


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