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VoicePulse VoIP Service

Reviewed by Travis Griggs on 06.10.2004

What is VoIP?

When people ask "What in the world is VoIP?", I usually give them the easiest answer; a way to save a lot a money on your phone bill! VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. What does this mean you might ask? Instead of phone calls transmitting through the antique telephone system, the calls are routed over the internet. To accomplish this, VoicePulse provides a small adapter plugged in between the router and a standard telephone handset.

You've probably heard of or have actually used a form of VoIP in the past few years. A few examples are DialPad, Net2Phone, and Yahoo Messenger. Originally these services may have been free but now they are not. The two major drawbacks these services had are: a headset tethered to your home computer and no local number for incoming calls. With today's VoIP service, you can use a standard household phone, receive incoming calls, have unlimited long distance, voicemails sent to email, and more. VoIP has made great strides in the past 2 years and brings much more to the table!

Why do I need VoIP?

To save some cash, of course! During the scope of this review, I surveyed several people about their phone usage. With a VoIP solution the users could save anywhere from twenty dollars a month to hundreds! On top of the savings you even get more features than the standard telephone service ever dreamed of offering.

What is needed to reap the benefits of VoicePulse's VoIP service?

* High-speed Internet connection -- usually cable or DSL.
* Standard household cord/cordless phone plugged into the broadband telephone adapter.
* A router which enables simultaneously web usage and phone conversations

Enough technical talk, let's dig into VoicePulse's service.


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