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ASUS S101 Netbook

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2009.02.10
Topic:  Audio
Provider:  ASUS
Manufacturer:  ASUS

An EeePC in Every Flavor:

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years you are probably familiar with the new breed of laptops to hit the market. These ultra-portable, ultra-lightweight, and usually very cheap PC's have flooded online stores and even the retail shelves of stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, and Walmart. What was initially intended as a super-portable laptop designed to access the internet and allow very light computing has evolved rapidly into much more with the outburst of consumers purchasing these devices. The "netbook" market has actually taken a sizable chunk out of PC and full laptop sales due to many aspects of netbooks being very appealing not the least of which is their usually low price.

Now in the beginning there was Asus, a manufacturer known in the USA for their motherboards and somewhat for their graphics cards. That Asus sold notebooks was relatively unknown until the first of their EeePC line hit US shores. The EeePC at that time was a super tiny 7 inch notebook that very much looked like a toy and had an almost unusable keyboard and was crippled by an anemic 2 or 4 GB of hard drive storage space. Asus quickly learned from both the sucesses and failures of the original EeePC's and started releasing many, many more models. It could be argued that Asus has managed to create so many models that they have caused some consumer confusion within their own product line as well as diluting their own sales. One overall consumer desire that remained clear to Asus, the need for a higher end netbook model, and thus the S101 was born.

Asus S101

Introducing the Fashion Netbook:

I must admit my first reaction to Asus dubbing the S101 as "The Fashion Netbook" was laughter. Upon my first inspection of the S101 I was forced to re-assess my reaction. The S101 is without a doubt the finest ultra-portable laptop/netbook on the market. Every aspect of this product suggests class, with a few unfortunate exceptions. Before we get into the exceptions we should first take a look at the S101 and why it is so important to the netbook class of products.

High Class Re-Defined:

When you think of high class in a laptop, we normally think of optional extras and special manufacturer treatment. Asus is thinking usability and attention to details.

Let's take a quick look at the Asus S101 specifications . . .


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