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Wolf King Trooper MVP Gaming Mouse Review

Author:  Chris Swertfeger
Date:  2008.09.17
Topic:  Processors
Provider:  Wolf King
Manufacturer:  Wolf King

Wolf King Trooper MVP Gaming Mouse Review



PC gaming is serious business. Any gamer will tell you that the number one tool in their arsenal is a high quality mouse followed by a high quality keyboard. Wolf King steps up, and hopes to lead the pack with its Trooper MVP Gaming Mouse. This new installment is an upgrade from their previously released Trooper mouse. Newer doesn't always mean better, you don't mess with perfection; We have all heard these sayings, but is this what Wolf King did? Or did they just finally prefect the series?


Back In Black:

The Trooper MVP sweeps the board with the amount of upgrades from the prior version. Along with its nice black finish, it looks nicer than before as well.

Resolution 3 sensitivity levels: (800, 1600, 2200)
Image Processing 6.4 Megapixel's/sec
Max Acceleration 20g
Max Speed 45-65 inches/sec
Power Supply 3.3 Volts
USB Data Format 16 bits/axis
Buttons (Left/Right) 7 million clicks
Programmable Frame Rate over 7080 frames per second
Feet 250 kilometers

Side ViewSide View

Top View


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