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Antec ILR LED Tube Light

Author:  Matthew Homan
Date:  2007.04.09
Topic:  Peripherals
Provider:  Antec
Manufacturer:  Antec


Click on the photo for a larger view.


TWL has acquired an ILR LED tube light from our friends at Antec. TechwareLabs has enjoyed Antec’s product line with its high-performance innovative product line which is backed by great reliability. Antec designs its products with the DIY in mind which ranges from beginner to individuals who are willing to take the next step in the unique PC realm.


The ILR LED tube light is designed around LEDs at either end of a cathode tube looking pipe. The pipe is lined with what looks to be fiber optic like threads that assist in spreading the LED light down the length of the tube. The ILR LED TechwareLabs received for this review is red, but Antec does have green too. This device is powered by a USB port which could be powered off a USB hub if needed. One feature that will really sell this product over some standard cathode tube is the beat sensor that has a sensitivity wheel that can be adjusted to sense the vibration from the speakers of your PC. Now there are plenty of cathode tube lights out on the market today with this same feature, but unlike the cathode tube lights, the LED light up faster the cathode so there isn’t a delay of sorts while playing games. Though most high priced cathodes will be brighter then this LED tube, but as Antec advertises their tube would be best displayed at the bottom of your monitor to flicker with the vibration of your FPS game.

Click on the photo for larger view.

The Blue cathode is from our review of MGE's Extreme Neon Review. The Blue cathode is very bright in comparison to the Antec, but when it comes to playing games, you may find brighter is not always better. The ILR LED tube is not so bright that it interferes with gaming or casual work and it should be noted that the MGE tube is a cold cathode neon whereas the Antec ILR is LED based.


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