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LiteOn DH-4B1S-08 Blu-ray Burner

Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2008.09.03
Topic:  Peripherals
Provider:  LiteOn
Manufacturer:  LiteOn

LiteOn DH-4B1S-08 Blu-ray Burner




We all remember the big battle that went on earlier this year between Sony’s Blu-ray DVD's and Toshiba’s HD DVD's.  Although both formats were superior to today’s standard DVD and DVD DL disks, only one could have won.  Due to more financial backing on Sony’s side, the Blu-ray disk format was the winner.  As it not only offered High Definition, similar to Toshiba’s HD DVD, the Blu-ray disk was able to store up to 25GBs on a single layer disk while the HD-DVD was only able to store 15GBs.  While the Blu-ray technology is superior to that of the HD-DVD's, this also results in a higher production cost which in the end will make the consumer pay more.

LiteOn has sent us their DH-4B1S-08 optical drive which is part of their DH-4B1S family.  The LiteOn DH-4B1S-08 was the markets first Blu-ray disc triple writer; this means that it is capable of writing Blu-ray discs, DVD's, and standard CDs.  Having this capability means that instead of having to add an additional optical drive to keep your DVD / CD writing capability you can simply use this as a replacement.  This proves to be nice for those consumers that don’t have any 5.25” drive bays available, but want to upgrade from their standard DVD / CD burner up to a nice Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Burner.

This next generation technology now allows us to write up to 25GBs of data onto a single BD-r or BD-RE disk, this is more than 5 times the size of your standard DVD and more than 35 times the size of your standard CD.  Providing a true high definition picture of 1920 x 1080, you can now enjoy entertainment as it was made to be.



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