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PowerMax Digital Antenna 4KMR-10A

Author:  Matthew Homan
Date:  2007.09.01
Topic:  Phones
Provider:  Digital Antenna
Manufacturer:  Digital Antenna

PowerMax Digital Antenna 4KMR-10A



With the multiple Cell phone providers on the market today, the coverage in today’s world as appose to the coverage a mere 5 years ago has improved greatly, but there are still areas where you just can’t seem to get a signal. Which despite cell phone commercials no matter which provider you have, coverage just isn’t possible. This reviewer found a product online and decided to give it a try. The product is called “PowerMax™ 4KMR-10A Vehicle Cellular Repeater System.” The 4KMR-10A is a little pricey, but if you are willing to spend the money, this reviewer believes you won’t be disappointed.
We all know the dead areas, where you can guaranty that when you drive you car through this specific area your call will be dropped. Recently this reviewer has been added a route to his weekly schedule which take me down a country road where I can bet I will not get cell phone coverage. This became a real pet peeve of mine as for many reasons (breakdowns, emergency calls, etc). There are few options on the market today to assist with boosting your signal within your car/truck. This reviewer was looking for something that was wireless to the cell (no cable from the booster to the cell) and was obscure enough to hide under passenger seat and able to be installed or taken out of an automobile without having to be an expert installer. Digital Antenna also makes the DA4000 (not tested by TWL) which directly connects to your cell phone. This reviewer didn’t want to have any additional cables hanging off the cell phone, so TWL opted for the wireless 4KMR model.
The 4KMR was delivered to the labs in its yellow box with its simple explanation of the product on the back of the box. The contents of the box was not intimidating looking either. The contents included two antennas (1 for inside the automobile, 1 for outside the automobile), booster, and lighter power adapter.


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