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Star Tech Slim DVD+/-RW External USB 2.0 Drive

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2007.11.07
Topic:  Storage
Provider:  StarTech
Manufacturer:  StarTech

StarTech Slim DVD+/-RW External USB 2.0 Drive


Many notebook owners enjoy the use of very portable light weight laptops with excellent battery life. This level of portability, small design, and high battery life often comes at the expense of built in extras that most notebooks come standard with, such as an optical drive. To this end many people have acquired an external drive to fill the gap and offer the ability to read cd's and DVD's as well as write the same media. Most of the time these external optical drives are found in a full size enclosure. StarTech offers desktop and laptop users alike the ability to have an external optical drive that takes up no more space than it would if it were integrated into a standard laptop. This slim DVD+/-RW drive offers just as much speed as its laptop counterpart and will not eat up your battery life as it uses an AC adapter.

StarTech Describes this device as:

" The perfect notebook accessory, SLIMDVDRW8U2 features a Panasonic drive that gives you the freedom to play DVD's and CD's, or copy and transfer data at impressive speeds, without needing a built-in DVD-RW drive. Providing 5x DVD-RAM write speeds, 8x (DVD+RW), and 6x (DVD-RW), this is one notebook accessory that will really save you time and hassle. Plus, the attractive, discreet casing of this drive blends perfectly with your notebook computer, and its thin, yet durable design fits handily into your carrying case for times when you are on the move!"

While we are not sure if this is the perfect notebook accessory we can easily see the usefulness of this device beyond its use in your laptop. As an consumer that owns both a laptop and a desktop there have been countless times when I have needed an external optical drive for transferring data, booting from a USB optical device, or to record to a DVD or CD. The usefulness of this device additionally extends itself greatly to the IT administrators who run servers and storage devices which are often found without an optical device. The ability to plug the StarTech Slim DVD+/-RW drive in and have immediate access to a bootable and writeable drive is priceless when needed.

•  Ideal for users without DVD/CD drive in their laptop or notebook
•  Supports 5x DVD-RAM disk write speeds for enhanced reliability and maximum disk lifespan
•  Compact form factor, slim 12.7mm height
•  Light weight design for portability convenience

Lets take a Look at the drive.

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