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The Conclusion

First, we at TechWareLabs would like to thank Plextor, Teac, and Lite-On for providing us with their drives to review. Overall, all three drives performed very well. The Lite-On and Teac drives outdo the Plextor in reading and writing tests, but the Teac falls short of the Plextor and Lite-On with its poor ability to read scratched and burned discs. While the Plextor is considered by many the king of all CD burners, it's above one hundred dollar price on Pricewatch makes it less available to the average poor pc junkie. The Lite-On performs top notch in every test, and comes in at around 60 dollars on Pricewatch. The Teac is approximately the same price, but due to it's lackluster read performances the Lite-On is the better buy - if you are looking for performance. Both the Plextor and the Teac come with excellent documentation and technical support, and the same can most definitely cannot be said for the Lite-On. If you are unsure about computer components, or feel safer with technical support available, the Lite-On is probably not the best choice. With that said, the Lite-On is still the top performer for the best price, comes in first in the CD-RW roundup.

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