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Round Up - Integrated 3D Graphics Motherboard Shootout

Review by Edward Chang, call sign: Big_E

September 22, 2002


In the recent past, integrated video was seldom a viable solution for hardcore computer gamers. Enthusiasts shunned from motherboards with integrated video, and opted to buy ones without it, in additional to a much faster ATi or Nvidia-powered graphics accelerator. Today, the picture is beginning to change. The last few integrated motherboards sported decent graphics chipsets, like the Nvidia NForce (GeForce2 MX), ATI IGP320 (Radeon VE), or Intel 845G. With even faster built-in video alternatives from ATi and Nvidia on the way, Techware Labs will take a look at the current integrated 3D video chipsets on the market and how they perform in the latest 3D software. But before we do, we'd like to take this time to thank our valuable sponsors: EPoX, FIC, MSI, and Shuttle.


The Contenders:


Chipset Maker Motherboard Chipset GPU
ATi FIC AT31 Fusion Radeon IGP 320 ATi Radeon 7000 / VE
Nvidia MSI K7N420 Pro NForce IGP Nvidia GeForce2 MX
VIA Shuttle MV42N VIA P4M266 (VT8751) S3 Graphics ProSavage8
Intel EPoX 4G4A+ Intel 82845G Intel Brookdale-G
SiS EPoX 4SDM2+ SiS 650GX SiS 315


Unfortunately, we chose not to include an integrated chipset using Trident video because it was not intended as a  3D graphics accelerator.







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