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RunCore Pro IV USB 3.0 MoonDrive Review

The whole shapes and sizes thing, while it might not seem like an issue, it is actually a big problem when you try to use them. Patriot was one of the biggest offenders, their Magnum products managed to achieve up to 128GB of capacity which sounds great, but you can’t plug them into an Xbox 360 or many other products that limit the width around the connector. Patriot isn’t the only offender, around half of the USB 3.0 drives we’ve tested are oversized and either blocks other USB ports or just can’t fit into some of the devices we want to plug into.

RunCore saw this as a problem too so when they set out to design their Pro IV MoonDrive they wanted to keep things simple and streamlined. The Pro IV MoonDrive’s profile isn’t that much different than the low cost flash drives you see at the grocery store hanging on a rack next to the batteries for children’s toys. The build quality though is much more advanced, both inside and out.

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