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Super Talent Extreme Performance DDR3 RAM



Everybody takes life at their own speed. Some take it slow, some like it fast, and some aren’t happy unless they’re moving at ludicrous speed. For those people, SuperTalent has come out with a new set of performance DDR3 ram that is rated at 2000MT/s—a full 666 MT/s faster than the fastest official DDR3-1333. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Super Talent Extreme Performance DDR3 dual channel kit, suited for Socket-1157 Intel or AM3 AMD-based systems.

SuperTalent’s Take

Our Performance series is designed by hardware enthusiasts for maximum performance with the Core i7 CPU. These modules are hand tested in the latest Core i7 motherboards in triple channel configuration to guarantee phenomenal speed. Each Performance series module is equipped with a chrome plated heatsink that is designed by our thermal engineers to wick away heat from the components more efficiently than traditional heatsinks, resulting in higher clock speeds. The Performance series is built expressly for extreme overclockers and gaming enthusiasts.


A fair bit of this is marketing bull, but there are a few key phrases to pay attention to:

  • “hand tested in the latest Core i7 motherboards” – this means they actually crack open a box and slot their kits into test systems.
  • “chrome plated heatsink” – Chrome doesn’t provide any thermal advantage, but it does look nice. The heatsink’s extra surface area does provide improved cooling, which is always a plus.
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