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Getting the Ugly out of Ubuntu

Author:  Michael Bosse
Date:  2008.09.17
Topic:  Audio
Provider:  Ubuntu
Manufacturer:  Ubuntu

Getting the Ugly out of Ubuntu



Canonical's Ubuntu has brought a new definition of “ease of use” to the Linux community. With an intuitive design coupled with an extensive package library, Ubuntu has made the jump from Microsoft's Windows to GNU / Linux that much easier. For those readers that have made the jump: you may have noticed that the default color theme and window decorations are somewhat... ugly. This article will give you a crash course in how to improve your Ubuntu experience by tweaking the interface.

Tweak 1: GDM Login Window

Difficulty level: Easy

A common request on several internet forums is how to modify the standard login window from the default. This tweak will allow you to customize the login window for your installation of Ubuntu. is a one-stop shop for customizing your GNOME experience. In this example, I decided to install the Sunergos Blue theme by Pyros.

  1. Download your chosen theme to your desktop
  2. Click System -> Administration -> Login Window
  3. The following window should appear
    Ubuntu GDM Login Window
  4. Click the Local tab
    Ubuntu GDM Local tab
  5. Click and drag your theme file into the window
  6. In the Theme box, choose "Selected only"
  7. Choose your newly installed theme from the themes list
  8. Click the close button

You will need to log out and then log back in to see the effects of these changes.


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