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Computex 2005 (Day 1)

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2005.05.31
Topic:  Trade Shows
Provider:  Computex
Manufacturer:  Various

We only just arrived in town and already the air is electric with the buzz of the conference. Computex 2005 banners line the streets of downtown Taipei and everywhere you look buses and scooters fly down streets heading towards the World Trade Center. Spanning several halls and building the conference is an international gathering of technology vendors demonstrating the latest in their high tech wares. Of course TWL is here to bring you all the best that Computex 2005 has to offer. Don't touch your screens as you might burn your fingers on this HOT hardware.

Scortching the scene is ATI in the Grand Hyatt Hotel showing off the much awaited Crossfire technology. It looks great and the numbers ATI are showing off are enough to make Nvidia fans cry. We only hope that the truth is even half the hype, be assured TWL will bring you crossfire quite soon.

XFX was showing off some awesome looking hardware at its booth and we have to tip our hats to the guys for offing us a close look at their wares as well as a much needed drink. A shout out to Lionel for making XFX stand out from the crowd.

AMD started off day 1 with a press conference at which they formally launched their X2 line of processors. Among the speakers was K.J Chow, General Manager of AMD Far East, and Henri Richard, Executive Vice President of World Wide Sales. Kicking off the meeting in usual AMD flair the X2 was touted as the baddest boy on the block, a rep well deserved as you can read in our review of the X2.

We couldn't leave without checking out the suites at the Hyatt and taking a look at Coolermaster, HIS, and MSI. The push seems to be for cooler, smaller, faster, and doing it with style. If you don't believe me check out these photos of the products on display.


No day at a conference would be complete without booth babes and TWL brings them to you. (We know you've been dying to see them.)

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