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12-05-2001, 12:53 AM
With my new mobile communications device (mobile phone) Ive now got free access to WAP.
Its a Hyundai something or sother...clam shell design like the flashy moterolas..

Ive learned something very importent about WAP....its not very useful.

Do I REALLY need to do a search on Yahoo from my mobile phone? SPAMSure its nice to be able to check stock prices if your a day trader...but if your a day trader why arnt you at the exchange anyway?

As for email...well...hmm...yes I guess it COULD be handy for that if you were on holidays...BUT if where you are staying doesnt have a Net Cafe I doubt it will have WAP coverage.

I payed hundreds of dollars for a mobile to talk on ...and send the occational SMS...
I also payed 1000's for a computer to do all the things WAP can and more....so theres no way Im going to let something as inexpensive as a mobile (hah!) make my computer obsolete.

What you all think.

WAP is my god!!
A pox on thee WAP!!
What the wack is a WAP?


12-05-2001, 04:34 AM
My SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM 7110 can WAP but I would have to pay extra to
use it, no way I would but if I could without extra cost
I might use it while travelling to check my mail.

12-05-2001, 08:59 AM
Just for the record and for anyone who isnt aware of WAP it stands for Wireless Application Proctol.

12-05-2001, 10:40 AM
got the 7110 too, but my prepaid card isnīt wapable. anyway i think i wouldn,t use it anyway because i dont travel very much, most time i spend in front of my b@d@ss machine

Grinnin Reaper
12-05-2001, 02:41 PM
In "Country" terms its and I quote "As useless as t!ts on a boar hog. SPAMAlthough it is slightly more asthetically pleasing. SPAMJust try typing on that thing once if you even can. SPAMWhen it gets good enough you can watch streaming video like on Anti-Trust let me know then we can re-evaluate.

12-05-2001, 03:58 PM
I use sprint PCS and can access the web with it, but don't, and won't.

12-05-2001, 04:51 PM
I agree with savage...when WAp is actually capable of doing something useful. (like beaming down full color movies in realtime) then I might think about it.

In my opinion too much hype has gone into WAP, with not enough R&D.

12-05-2001, 08:03 PM
Well, I work for a wireless communications company (alwaysBEthere (http://alwaysbethere.com)), so I'm probably a little spoiled as far as WAP goes. SPAMI got it free for quite some time (when I had my cell with Sprint PCS). SPAMThe phone I was using had a serial cable that would allow one to hook a palm or laptop, or whatnot up to internet. SPAMWhen you're just using it on the like, 40x40 pixel phone screen, I agree, it is fairly pointless. SPAMIf you have something like the Kyocera SmartPhone 6035, or the Samsung I-300 it'd be a lot more useful. SPAMPhones with integraded PDAs, and also then wireless internet access are just starting to be within the range for some consumers, but once the price drops, they're going to be hugely popular (at least that's what my work thinks). SPAMWap is nice if you travel on the road a lot, but other than that I think it's currently mostly a novelty item.

P.S. SPAMI'm not sure exactly where the distinction is drawn between WAP and other wireless internet junk...that's not my area of focus.