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12-02-2001, 09:36 PM
I bought 2 10 MBPS NIC's off this guy on Ebay and when I email him back to say Thank you for sending them (I already sent the money) he replys 3 hours later with an attempt at sending me a virus. SPAMNothing in the email but two attached file a .dat file or "data" file and a .doc.scr file which means this "VIRUS do not open because no one in there right mind make a double extention file, it just dumb!!!". SPAMDoes this make sense to anyone? SPAMPossibly he got this "virus" and its a automatic send along meaning it takes everyone in the address book and sends it to them but i cant see hat hapening. SPAMAny suggestions from Netsmog/Hardware Pub is appriciated. SPAMOh and members reply too (Im not partial)

12-02-2001, 09:50 PM
There have actually be several viruses going around recently. SPAMBadTrans.B (I think that's it's name) is a common one. SPAMI think it's more likely that he was infected and it automatically forwarded to you than it is that he sent you a virus intentionally. SPAMI'd write another email to him saying you got a virus from him, and asking what the status is of your items, or just writing to check the status of the products, and seeing if he mentions something about it. SPAMI thought I'd gotten the BadTrans.B virus, but it turned it was another computer that I had entered my email account information into, so I got all the emails saying that I tried to send dozens of people virus-infected emails.

12-02-2001, 10:11 PM
I got my email returned from him saying it was from an annoymous location. SPAMso someone must have hacked his address book. SPAMHmm hows that sound?

12-03-2001, 04:53 AM
That sounds like he got the BadTrans.B virus !

12-03-2001, 07:45 AM
What is this virus? I have not heard about it yet. How do I recognize it?

12-03-2001, 04:04 PM
I've just heared about it, but a look at symantec
could give the answer.

12-03-2001, 04:11 PM

12-03-2001, 04:15 PM
i was infected. norton antivirus 2001 and 2002 can remove the virus out of dos mode by simply deleting kernel32.exe and kdll.dll

12-05-2001, 08:28 PM
Probably the way you'll find out about it is that many mail servers will email you saying that you've tried to send people infected emails. SPAMThen look for kernel32.exe (clever name, if I do say so myself), probalby in c:\Windows\System\. SPAMIf you have that, you're probably infected.

12-06-2001, 09:57 AM
Here where I work we received strange emails from those who had us in their address books. SPAMThese "worms" are apparently sending emails to everyone in the address book with an attachment containing a virus. SPAMWe discovered it when one of our resellers saw about 100 RE: emails, yet he never sent the original to begin with. SPAMSo he emailed all of us to warn us and tragedy was averted. SPAMBut to answer the original question: SPAMYES, it is possible, and probably likely, that that guy never intentionally sent you a virus.