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SilverStone NVIDIA Edition TJ10

Author:  Ian Garris
Date:  2009.02.18
Topic:  Cases
Provider:  SilverStone
Manufacturer:  SilverStone



Despite mixed feelings on Silverstone's mouse, Silverstone has outdone themselves with this excellent case. Sleek, attractive, and chock full of features (and fans!), anybody in the market for an ATX mid-tower should give the Temjin series a look.

First Impression: SilverStone Speaks

Based on the award-winning Temjin TJ10 chassis, this NVIDIA themed model comes with special custom paintings and five brilliant 120mm green LED fans.  Its advanced cooling layout is designed for top of the line NVIDIA GPU's so the TJ10 is officially certified for 3-Way SLI.  To ensure that NVIDIA chipset and GPU can be appreciated in full view, the TJ10 NVIDIA Edition has a clear, oversized window on its side panel.
The cooling is indeed advanced - we'll get to that in a moment - and the window is indeed huge. What they don't mention there is the surprisingly classy Nvidia artwork splashed all over the other side of the case in light gray and the small green logo on the front. The stock Temjin is a clean, understated looking enclosure, one that won't draw the eye away from the case's contents (the non-Nvidia TJ10 shares the window) but between the artwork and the radioactive-green illumination oozing out every crack, vent (four), and window (10.5 x 15"), this is a head turner. Not without justification - everything about this case also oozes quality - from the top-mounted flip-up I/O panel that folds flush, to the home theater style feet that hold the case far enough off the ground to get airflow to its bottom-mounted intakes.
Top mounted I/O panel
Feet and Intakes


Their Take:
Our Take:
 NVIDIA theme w/ window SST-TJ10B-WNV This is the limited edition model - don't forget the WNV suffix.
 Aluminum front panel/door, 2.0mm aluminum body 2mm aluminum is fairly sturdy, but surprisingly light.
 Black Any color, so long as it's...
 SSI, Extended ATX, ATX, Micro ATX The most popular motherboards these days all fit - but why would you put a Micro ATX board in this beast?
 Drive Bay
 Exposed  5.25 " x 4, 3.5 " x 1 Plenty enough room
 Internal  3.5 " x 6 Enough to build a small file server - or enough airflow for a couple VelociRaptors
 Cooling System
 Top  2 x 120mm 1200rpm fan with green LED I'm almost tempted to call this cooling system excessive... but thermal issues can crop up even with the most extreme and excessive air cooling, with multi-GPU systems also running a hot processor. This array should run quiet on most systems, and keep a hot system comfortably cool.
 Rear  1 x 120mm exhaust fan, 1200rpm with green LED
 side  1 x 120mm mid-section fan, 1200rpm with green LED
 Front/HDD area  1 x 120mm 1200rpm with green LED
 Expansion Slot
 7 More than many motherboards have room for. Should be adequate for most current boards.
 Front I/O Port
 USB2.0 x 2
 IEEE1394 x 1
 audio x 1
 MIC x 1
The inclusion of Firewire is a nice touch, as is the audio in/out - but the real killer here is how well the IO panel is implemented.
 Power Supply
 1 x Optional standard PS2 (ATX) or 1 x Redundant PS2 Power supply has its own dedicated air vents - very slick. Redundant power caters to server builders, but expensive, and of limited use to most.
 Net Weight
 13 kg 28.6 pounds - not light, but not terrible.
 207 mm (W) x 521 mm (H) x 644 mm (D) Bigger than you're used to if you own a minitower.



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