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Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Chassis

Author:  Jack Wells
Date:  2008.06.16
Topic:  Cases
Provider:  Antec
Manufacturer:  Antec

Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Chassis

Antec twelve hundred - logo

Antec twelve hundred - case1


With Antec's new Twelve Hundred, Antec is attempting to market a successful follow up to their wildly popular Nine Hundred gaming case. The Twelve Hundred makes numerous design improvements and sports 3 more bays than its smaller predecessor. Antec designed the Twelve Hundred with gamers in mind, the case sports a stylish black finish and blue LED fans. The first thing you will notice about this case is how large and heavy it is - it's big. Antec spared no features and set their goals high with the Antec Twelve Hundred. Let's see how they did.


  • 12 Bays for drives: Plenty of room for all those extra hard drives.
  • Perforated front bezel: Allows 3 fans to pull air through the front.
  • Washable air filter: All the intake fans have a dust screen in front of them to keep your case clean.
  • 7 Expansion slots: Plenty of room for SLI/Crossfire and anything else you would need.
  • Top mounted I/O ports: 2 USB, 1 eSATA, and HD audio in and out.
Here's box the case came in.
Antec Twelve Hundred 200mm box3
Antec Twelve Hundred 200mm box2
Front of the box
Back of the box
Antec Twelve Hundred 200mm box1
Side of the box

Here is the case as a whole, not plugged in, courtesy of Antec
Antec Twelve Hundred front
Antec Twelve Hundred head
Angled view
Top view
Antec Twelve Hundred open
Antec Twelve Hundred back
Side view
Back view


Detailed specifications courtesy of Antec:

Formfactor ATX or smaller
Dimensions 22.9" (H) x 8.4" (W) x 20.2" (D)
Power Supply Location Bottom
5.25 Inch Bays 3
3.5 Inch Bays 9
Intake Fans 3 x 120 mm
Exaust Fans 2 x 120 mm and 1 x 200 mm
Expansion Slots 7

Real Time Pricing:

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