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GMC Noblesse AVC S-7 Home Theatre PC Case

Author:  Jason Knappenberger
Date:  2008.03.07
Topic:  Cases
Provider:  GMC
Manufacturer:  GMC

GMC Noblesse AVC S-7 Home Theatre PC Case


Recently GM Corporation Ltd. sent us a media center case for review.  Before we get to the case, a few words about GMC are in order.  GM Corporation of South Korea was founded in 1996 and incorporated in 1998.  They are a manufacturer and distributor of PC and HTPC (Home Theater PC) cases and can be found at major conferences like CES, Computex, and CeBIT.  Information about all of GMC products can be found at

Overview of the GMC Noblesse AVC S-7:

The Noblesse AVC S-7 is a Home Theater PC case that comes with a slim DVD Combo drive, Micro ATX Power Supply, IrDA Remote Control and all needed software and drivers. As you can tell from the design the Nobless is intended to fit into the look and feel of your standard AV (audio visual) home theatre component. The black clear plastic front hides a brilliant VFD display which provides a wealth of information and looks great.

Features List:

  1. Ultra-Slim HTPC Case
    1. Support Micro ATX
    2. Provides multi operation software called iMEDIAN
    3. The best solution for multimedia (TV, Music, Movie, Photo)
    4. User Friendly IrDA Remote Control
    5. Optional PCI riser card kit
    6. Slim DVD Combo drive
  2. Front Panel Function
    1. Provides system information and EQ visualization
    2. Menu navigation button
    3. Multi Memory Card Reader (9 in 1


Dimension ( W x D x H )

Chassis : 430 X 340 X 67mm
Carton Box : 478 x 428 x 114mm


Silver / Black

Multi Port

IEEE1394 x 1port, USB2.0 x 2port, Audio + MIC port

Slot type Slim ODD

DVD Combo

Form Factor

Micro ATX & MoDT Support

Drive Bay

3.5" x 1 ( Int)

Expansion Slots

1 Slot(Riser Card - PCI or PCI Express)


Air Hole for CPU, Air Hole for PCI express

VFD Module

16 x 2 Character VFD
Jog Button

Driver installation

Driver CD x 1


English edition

Power Supply

Micro ATX Power Support


Remote Control : IrDA Remocon, 16 x 2 VDF Display

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