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Logisys Clear Acrylic Blue Case

Author:  Justin Washick
Date:  2008.05.21
Topic:  Audio
Provider:  Logisys
Manufacturer:  Logisys

Logisys Clear Blue UV Acrylic Case

Logisys Acrylic Case

Logisys Clear Blue Acrylic Case


With my new package having arrived, I'm greeted with the sight of the unique UV Acrylic Case from Logisys. It is a see-through acrylic tower case that offers plenty of room to build/upgrade, and allows you to show off your high-end goods. There does not seem to be anything particularly special about this seemingly odd-looking case, but its sole advertisement is that it is UV-reactive. Does this case come ready to impress, or will it be a letdown? Come with me as I explore the design of this case and find out if the Logisys UV Acrylic Case is a good purchase.


The obvious aspect that anyone will notice is that this is anything from your typical computer case. The interesting part that may be the determining factor is that this case is said to be UV-reactive, so I'll be throwing in some UV lamps, but that assessment will come later during testing.

Logisys Acrylic Case
Logisys Acrylic Case
First glance
After pulling from box
Logisys Acrylic Case
Logisys Acrylic Case
After removing styrofoam
After removing bubble wrap


As specified on the box, this case comes pre-assembled where all of the panels are screwed together. This wouldn't necessarily be bad, but there are a grand total of nine (9) screws holding on each panel, and in order to get to the other side to secure any optical/hard drive, the easier option still requires removing the other panel, which means a grand total of 18 screws have to be undone.

Logisys Acrylic Case
Logisys Acrylic Case
Logisys Acrylic Case
Front (close-up)
Logisys Acrylic Case
Logisys Acrylic Case
Side fans (close-up)
Side (removed)


As I pull off the side panel and gaze inside the case, I see a very spacious interior, and will fit any motherboard up to an ATX size. The case is roomy enough to work with, yet the case itself is not too large to fit on/under a normal workstation.

I see four fans: 1 in front, 2 on side, and 1 in back. The circuit board for the power/reset buttons and the USB/audio jacks are visible, but this is only a minor consequence of the entire case being see-through.


  • Package Dimension: 21"x20"x10.5"(LxWxH)
  • x4, 5.25" bays
  • x2, 3.5" bays
  • x6, HDD bays
  • Front USB & Audio jacks
  • x4 UV blue fans w/ finger guard and a stylish blade fan grill in the front panel.
  • Retail color package. The package is strong and solid enough to secure the product in transportation.


Real Time Pricing:

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