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Lian Li PC - A77 Aluminum Computer Case

Author:  Artiom Bell
Date:  2008.10.28
Topic:  Cases
Provider:  Lian Li
Manufacturer:  Lian Li

Lian Li PC - A77 Aluminum Computer Case

Lian Li PC - A77 Computer Case

Lian Li PC - A77 Computer Case


Have you managed to cram as much hardware as possible into your rig? Need a crane to lift your case? Why not shed a few unwanted pounds from your machine by transferring it into a new aluminum home. Switching to aluminum chassis not only makes your machine lighter but will also carry with it additional benefits we will talk about later. Lian Li, one of the lead manufacturers of aluminum cases pretty much invented the aluminum case market. Sadly though, many of the all-aluminum cases come with a bit of a premium. For a case that retails for over $200 you get no side windows, no outrageous fan designs in weird locations, or sliding action removable hard drive cages, but you do get a sturdy aluminum frame and side panels an LCD readout, and much lower case temperatures. It means that you’ll get a case that you will be able carry without breaking your back and that is also quite functional. PC - A77 Computer Case is one of such aluminum monsters that challenges your preconceptions about cases and redefines your parameters regarding quality.


Model PC-A77 
Case Type Full Tower 
Dimensions  220 x 595 x 590 ( W, H,D) 
Front bezel Material Aluminum 
Color Black 
Side Panel Plain 
Body Material Aluminum 
Net Weight   
5.25" drive bay (External)
3.5" drive bay (External)
3.5" drive bay (Internal) 9 ( Use 6 bays of 5.25 Space) 
Expansion Slot
Motherboard E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX 
System Fan (Front)
System Fan (Top)
12cm Ball-bearing Fan x 2 (1020~1500RPM Automatic)  
System Fan (Rear) 12cm Ball-bearing Fan x 2(1020~1500RPM Automatic) 
I/O Ports USB2.0 x 2, IEEE1394, E-SATA x 1, HD+AC97 Audio 

With nine total 3.5" bays and six 5.25" bays you wont be worrying about expandability any time soon. On the cooling front we have two 120mm variable speed fans located at the front and read of the chassis to facilitate airflow, not to mention the fact that since the case is aluminum it acts as one giant heatsink and will result in a few degrees cooler temps overall. The PC-A77 allows for installation of M-ATX all the way through E-ATX motherboards in addition to having enough I/O ports to keep most users happy. While we have the black anodized chassis in this review the PC-A77 is also available in classic silver (brushed aluminum) look as well.


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