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Lian Li PC-6010
Reviewed by Shadrach 05.04.2003

Aquarium Installation

Installation of the aquarium door was exceedingly simple since most of the assembly takes place away from the case. Before working on the door, it may be a good idea to get all of the internal parts installed. This includes, the 12 volt air pump which is run off a spare molex, the light and transformer and the slot cover plate. The slot cover plate is where the  A metal form is included to hold the pump and light transformer.  The light is mounted on top of the metal form to elevate it.

Air hose exit and power switch

Lighting and pump assembly

The door has a large hole in the top for inserting all the pieces for the aquarium.  The hole is sealed with a plastic cap. A relief hole is designed into the plastic cap to release air pressure that is pumped in with the air pump.

Empty door

Plastic cap in door

Filling the door with rocks

Diffuser rocks installed

After inserting the diffuser rocks, and plastic fish have been placed into the hole in the top of the aquarium it can be filled with water. The water does not leak from the air supply tube in the bottom, but the air hose was added before filling for safety's sake. Cap the top of the aquarium, but before putting the door in place, slide the air hose through the hole in the rear slot cover and connect it to the air pump.

Assembly is complete.  The switch for the cold cathode light is on the slot plate previously installed but the air pump runs constantly. The pump, however, is so quiet you cannot hear it over normal the computer noise.

Aquarium Pros:
    Accurate aquarium feel
    Simple installation

Aquarium Cons:
    Air pump always on
    Light switch on the rear of the machine
    Filler cap fits loosely
    Possible leakage - needs one way valve to restrict water escape

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