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OCZ ModStream 520W Power Supply

Author:  Tyler Curry
Date:  2005.02.14
Topic:  Cases
Provider:  OCZ Technology
Manufacturer:  OCZ Technology

OCZ Logo


More so now than ever people are realizing just how important it is to have a good quality power supply included in their setup. For example, if you are running a stock 300 watt power supply in today's high-end setups you are almost certain to run into a slew of problems. Random reboots, freezing, blue screens, etc. are some of the problems that could persist if your system is not adequately powered. It's probably good logic to overestimate the amount of power needed for your setup to prevent any of these types of problems from occurring.

In the past couple of year's power supply manufactures are also more-so realizing that people are taking a better look at their PSU's. This has showed with increased wattage and quality, as well as looks and style. No longer are there just plain old grey boxes with black cords flaring everywhere to jam in your case. You can get power supplies in various colors with various types of fans, with various types of wattages.

OCZ Technologies is one of those companies bringing more power to power supplies. Particularly their new EZMod technology which is also known as a modular design, this new technology is simply a spectacular idea and one can wonder why it wasn't introduced any sooner. OCZ's EZMod technology helps with cable management with-in a system allowing you to customize your cable setup by using which cables you need, and tossing aside the cables you don't. This can lead to better airflow in your system, a clean appearance, and not to mention just plain handy.

Getting right down to it, let's take a look at the claimed specifications of the OCZ ModStream 520W PSU.

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