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SilenX Power Supply

Review by Jason Jacobs on 12.01.03
Power Supply Provided by SilenX Corporation Base Price: $89.95



SilenX specializes in computer hardware meant to quiet your PC. Increasingly computers have become more and more noisy. This is largely due to the increase in heat produced as computer components speed up and power requirements increase. Video cards, power supplies, processors, hard drives, north and south bridge chipsets all produce heat. Left without a method to eliminate this heat a computer will fail in a short period of time and components may be damaged beyond repair. This is where the use of fans to move air over the heat sources and pass that heat out of the computer case comes in. In the struggle to cool a PC faster and more powerful fans have been used which consequently produce air turbulance and increased noise. Some may think of it as the price that one pays for a cooler computer, apparantly SilenX thinks that proper cooling can be done without the added cost of noise. Its a philosophy that most PC enthusiasts and even the average user will welcome with open arms.


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