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Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler

Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2008.08.22
Topic:  Cooling
Provider:  Thermaltake
Manufacturer:  Thermaltake

Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler

Thermaltake DuOrb


As many overclockers know, cooling is a must. The more you stress your processor the higher the temperatures go, and the better the cooling you need. Thermaltake has introduced a twin-fan solution to try and optimized their cooling. Along with using two fans, Thermaltake also decided to use both copper and aluminum instead of picking only one of them. Lets see how this holds up against other heat sinks and see if its really worth its price tag.

Thermaltake's Take:

DuOrb CPU cooler, supporting Intel socket LGA775 and AMD socket AM2/AM2+, has extended the twin fan design concept from the previous DuOrb VGA cooler; it has been strongly designed with 6 different heat radiating channels, Blue-Red LED fan lights, two 80mm fans along with the pure copper construction. The 6 independent heat pipes transmitting the CPU heat evenly to the two separated heat radiation area constructed with copper fins and powerful fans that makes cooling exceptionally efficient. The mirror coating copper base also develops perfect heat dissipating contact surface between CPU and the heat sink.

The excellent dual-flow design and wider coverage of the twin fan of DuOrb CPU cooler further utilizes system air flow to cool down surrounding temperatures and dissipate the heat of CPU, VRM, North Bridge, VGA card, and RAM all together. Despite the careful concerns on the cooling performance, many have made strong impression on the unique 8 shaped look of Thermaltake DuOrb series coolers at the first sight. It is not only the patent mechanic shape design that makes the cooler pop out, but the pure copper construction of the heat pipes, radiate fins and the mirror coating base will also add up an extra copper shine to both your system and personal aesthetics.

- Thermaltake

Thermaltake DuOrb


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