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GlobalWin TAK68 and CAK-II 16
Review by Paul Machado on May 10, 2002

Products Supplied By: GlobalWIN
Retail Price: $35 USD TAK68, $26 USD CAK-II 16


As a reviewer and like most of you out there I have seen my share of HSF combinations that I have been able to test and review. With so many companies manufacturing heatsinks the competition has become fierce and each company wants to make their product different than any other out there.  GlobalWIN is one of these companies and they sure like to be different. With the release of the TAK68 they were sure looking for some attention and they have certainly received mine. The TAK68 and the CAK-II 16 are two of the latest products released by GlobalWIN and are surely making a statement. Although the CAK-II 16 may just look like another copper based HSF combination or GlobalWIN's older CAK-II 38 but how well or not it performs will make or break this HSF.

GlobalWIN TAK 68 Specs:

Operation Voltage DC 10.8 ~ 13.2 V
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Rated Current 0.21 A MAX.
Input Power 2.52 Watt MAX.
Bearing System One Ball One Sleeve Bearing
Fan Speed 470015 % RPM
Air Delivery 23.315 % CFM
Noise Level 36.82 Dba
Fan Safety UL Approved
Fan with RPM signal output Yes
Dimension 62.1 x 66 x 75 mm
Material Aluminum Alloy 6063T5
Material SUS301
Thermal Interface High thermal conductive interface
Material GW103
Connector Molex 2510 / 2695 3Pin
Total Weight 405 g
Package 64 Pcs / CTN

GlobalWIN CAK-II 16 Specs:

Structure and Form: Rating and Operating Conditions:
Structure Brushless DC motor Fan Rated voltage DC 12V
External As per attached drawing Rated Current DC 0.24A (MAX 0.26A)
Housing PBT OR PC 94-VO Start up current 0.06A AT 6V
Fan Blade PBT OR PC 94-VO Starting voltage 6V MAX
Weight APPOX 50g Locked current 0.55A (MAX 0.57A)
Bearing Ball Bearing Rated input 2.88W
    Operating voltage (DC) 6-13.8V
    Operating temperature -10 C - +70 C
    Storage temperature -40 C - +70 C
    Speed 5300 +/- 10% RPM
Dimension 60 x 60 x 30 mm
Material Copper C1100
Material Steel SK7 ( Quality Material Clip )
Thermal Interface High thermal conductive interface
Material GW103
Connector Molex 2510 / 2695 3Pin
Total Weight 440g

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