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Razer Destructor: Gaming Mouse Pad

Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2008.01.15
Topic:  gaming
Provider:  Razer
Manufacturer:  razer

Razer Destructor: Gaming Mouse Pad


Product Overview:

Upon opening the package, I was able to take a closer look at the case the Razer Destructor came in. The case is reinforced to help keep the mouse pad safe and unharmed.

The mouse pad is surfaced with razer fractal technology and coated in a highly reactive gunmetal finish, this is what allows it to receive such a significant improvement over other game pads. The game pad is designed with a unique shape and constructed very well. The mouse pad is not very flexible, which allows it to sit perfectly flat at all times. The Rubber underside of the mouse pad allows it to stay in place while moving the mouse back and forth.



There are no real benchmarks or tests that can measure the velocity(ips) of the mouse. Because there is no precise way to measure the ips, the feel of the cursor movement is the only test. I first used my mouse, the WolfKing Trooper, on a formica surface, then tried the same mouse on a gaming mouse pad by Alienware, and then finally on the Razer Destructor. I was able to tell differences between all three, but the Razer Destructor was the best by far. As i moved the mouse across the surface it slid with ease, and generates very little friction. We also prefer the larger gaming surface as opposed to a smaller standard mousepad as do most gamers. A larger mouse surface allows a wider range of movement which in conjuction with the higher dpi mouse leads to much greater accuracy. As you can see by the pictures below the Destructor while being large will not occupy your entire desk.



There was a noticeable improvement when using Razer Destructor. If you are a computer gamer and need to have the best in precision gaming, then this is a must have. With a $40 price tag, this will not set you back much. Although if you are a normal computer user and don't have the need for the precision as others may, I would recommend looking at other Razer mouse pads, such as the Razer Mantis.


Score: 9.5 / 10

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