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Kingmax TinyBGA DDR400 PC3200 Revised Edition

Review by Edward Chang

March 25, 2002



The advancement of system memory is imperative for the progress of computer technology. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a memory device in which information may be accessed in any order. Thus, for systems to become faster, the speed that cached information is retrieved is an important factor. Over time, we have seen memory follow in the tracks of processor development. As CPUs get faster and utilize more system-bus, RAM has to keep up with these demands. About seven years ago, one might be using an Intel Pentium system running 8 to 16 megabytes of EDO RAM. Today, with the support of Kingmax Semiconductor Incorporated, HardwarePub will be running and evaluating the newest memory technology available: Kingmax TinyBGA DDR400 PC3200 memory.



Kingmax Semiconductor Inc., founded in 1989 and listed among Taiwan's Top 150 manufacturers (Commonwealth Magazine, May 2001), is a leading manufacturer of memory modules. Aside from the Taiwan-based manufacturing facilities, Kingmax maintains ten sales offices spread over four continents. The company's American, Chinese, Australian and Dutch workforce consists of over 400 employees.

Through stringent quality control and total commitment to R&D, Kingmax has gained ISO-9001 certification and developed business partnerships with top enterprises and organizations in the IT industry. The company's innovative designs and commitment to excellence enable it to produce cutting-edge, high-performance products within standard-based technologies. Kingmax continues to provide the most outstanding memory modules for mobile computing, combining high quality with affordable prices. Kingmax is your design-in partner to offer advanced technology solution to serve each demand.

President: Mr. Joe Liu

Founded: 1989

Capital: US$55M

Employees: 400

Design and Manufacture: Memory Upgrades

Production capacity: 500K memory upgrades

Headquarter: Hu-Kou Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan

ISO9001/9002 certified

Branch Offices: Taipei, L.A, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, the Netherlands, France and Australia


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