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Ultra ATA-133 Transparent Tube Cable
Review by Shadrach on 07.23.2002

Cables provided by:

Cables huh? What do I need rounded cables for?  Have you ever heard that conversation?  Well, unless your a hardcore performance junky you may not need the benefit of rounded cables.  If you would like a Ferrari however, these cables will assist you in eking out every last bit of performance from a high level system. 


Three Facts

1. The cables are rounded - Rounded cables are more aerodynamic to assist in airflow efficiency.

Round and Round We Go!

Rounded cables are more aerodynamic. For the most part, computer users have tons of flat ribbon cable strewn from here to there to connect hard drives, floppy drives, and CDROMs. Most of the time, these cables are broadside to the airflow acting like a sail. Unless this cable is stuck to the side of the case and out of the airflow, it is very inefficient.  A rounded cable, with a lesser cross section, takes up less space broadside and the air passes more effectively over it and also does not create as much turbulence, allowing more air to move downstream.

2. The cables use twisted pairs - Twisted pair cabling is the most efficient design in high Electro-Magnetic Interference environments
3. The cables are shielded - Shielding gives cables added protection against EMI

History of the Twistory

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) has been designed for use in voice applications and local area networks. Because of the relatively low cost this cable is widely used and is available in several different performance categories (Categories 3, 4, 5 and 6). Over 99% of our copper installations are UTP versus Shielded Twisted Pair (STP), which is rarely used.

Electromagnetic interference is present in all types of cabling to some degree. There are two basic types of electromagnetic interference (EMI) to worry about - electromagnetic emissions and electromagnetic immunity. Emissions refer to energy that is radiated by the cable, and immunity is the ability of the cable to reject outside signals. The latter should be referenced in reading this article.  Failure to properly manage EMI can have an adverse effect on the integrity of the signal being transmitted.

In an unshielded cable, careful design of the cable and the associated electronic equipment results in a "balance" of the currents in the two conductors of a pair. That is, the currents in the two conductors are equal in magnitude but flowing in opposite directions. Proper installation and termination of the cable is also critical to maintaining this balance.

In a balanced system, there is very little radiation of EMI since the external field from one conductor is effectively canceled by the external field from the other conductor of the pair. Generally, the more twists per foot of cable, the better the cable is electrically balanced. Category 5 cable has more twists per foot than Category 3 or 4 cables and, therefore, offers better protection from EMI problems.

ptc-a24-twistedpairs.jpg (71827 bytes) ptc-a18-al_shield-2-lg.jpg (50912 bytes)

ttc-a24d.jpg (49390 bytes) ttc-a24b.jpg (45231 bytes) ttc-a24a.jpg (56103 bytes)

Click for Larger Image

In conclusion, these cables are beautifully designed and I would like to say much higher performance.. but that would just not be true. You will achieve a minimal performance gain. These cables just scream speed and style though.  They really finish off a nice case internally giving a very clean look and feel. These are the finest cables I have ever seen and you will not need another set until the technology is altered.. not anytime soon...

10/10 Boiling OVER!!!

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