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Dragon Lasers 125mW and 75mW Green Lasers

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2007.04.03
Topic:  Hardware
Provider:  Dragon Lasers
Manufacturer:  Dragon Lasers

Dragon Lasers 75mW and 125mW Laser Specifications:

Information Taken from Dragon Lasers Website:

Dimension 13mm x 150mm Beam Divergence <1.2mRad
Net Weight 55 Gram Beam Diameter 1.2mm @ aperture
Wavelength 532nm Transverse Mode TEMoo
Power Supply 2 * AAA Batteries Operating Mode CW
Working Current DC 3V, 550mA Working Temperature 15C to 35C
Warranty 3 Months Diode Life Time >5000 Hours

As you can see the Viper series operates on two AA cells and is fully compatible with rechargable batteries. The approximate 5000 hour lifetime of the laser diode puts it at over 208 days of continuous running before the diode should burn out. The Viper series does not have a continuous on duty cycle and should be operated for no longer than 1 minute on before allowing the diode to cool for 1 minute. The 125mW and 75mW units are priced at $329 and $259 respecively which makes them some of the cheapest diodes of this power that can be found online.

On to Power and Performance:


« Dragon Lasers 125mW and 75 mW Laser Pointers 
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