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Asus N10 Ultra Portable Netbook

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2008.11.05
Topic:  Notebooks
Provider:  Killer Notebooks
Manufacturer:  Asus

Asus N10 Netbook

Asus logo

So, what is a Netbook?

Technically speaking a netbook is a small, low-cost, mobile computing device designed for consuming content, rather than creating new content. What this means is that a netbooks is essentially similar to a laptop except it should be low power, very portable, lightweight, and have a primary purpose of giving access to online content rather than the creation or storage of media. Now given those guidelines many existing laptops today would be re-classified as netbooks. Indeed Asus own U1F qualifies as a netbook according to the definition above. What then differentiates a netbook from a notebook?

Netbook or Notebook?

So when does a netbook become a notebook? Asus would have you believe that the addition of dedicated graphics crosses this barrier. At 10.2 inches and 140kg (3 Cell Battery) and powered by an Intel Atom it is much closer to a netbook than its larger notebook classified siblings. These facts aside Asus goes out of their way to make sure consumers don't confuse it with their line of netbooks. The N10 doesn't sport the Eee moniker, nor is the 10.2 inch N10 listed with the rest of the netbooks. instead you will find this ultra portable in Asus' lineup of "superior mobility" products. The N10 does include many qualities not found on any other netbooks or notebooks of its size and powered by the Intel Atom that are currently available. Given these extra features the N10 manages to blur the line between ultra portable, low power computing and your standard PC, bringing the computing industry one step closer to the ultra mobile computer without the compromises. Let's take a look at how Asus has done this.

Obtaining the Asus N10:

In a market flooded with netbooks where every manufacturer sees the explosion of ultra-portable's you might think Asus would make one available for testing for us but this was not the case. Instead we were faced with roadblocks and no response to our inquiries. That is when one of the high end exclusive customizers stepped in to assist us. For the select few who truely want the highest in performance from a company that knows laptops inside and out we continue to show our support for Killer NoteBooks. The owner stepped in and sent us an N10 for our use. While the N10 doesn't really qualify as ultra high performance gaming machine we feel that if you are searching for something in particular you really should give these guys a call.

As a special for all our TechwareLabs readers Killer Notebooks is offering a free upgrade to G. Skill 1333 DDR3 from the standard DDR3 1066. Believe me, it makes a difference. Just mention TechwareLabs in the order.

BTW there is a backlit keyboard on the model shown plus K|N is much cheaper than Alienware.

From Asus:

"N10: Designed for optimized mobility, the ASUS N10 is perfect for individuals constantly on the move. Sporting a 10.2” monitor, the N10 delivers a multi-sensory experience with a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M graphics card and Intel Atom processor."

Lets take a look at the N10 specifications.



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