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Lighted Keyboard

Author:  James Sams
Date:  2003.06.28
Topic:  Peripherals
Provider:  Crazy PC
Manufacturer:  Multiple

Estimated Retail Value: $99.00
Estimated Street Price: $84.00

Zippy EL-610:
Estimated Retail Value: $65.00
Estimated Street Price: $50.00

As technology continues to evolve, so does everything around it. For a variety of reasons, designers have decided that the keyboard just isn't made properly in its standard configuration. A quick search on the web will present a dozen of aggressive redesigns of keyboard layouts. Today, Techwarelab wants to preview two of the more simplistic redesigns.

Zippy and Auravision bring to market the EL-610 and the cleverly named eluminX, respectively. While most keyboard redesigns are made from a perspective of improving the terrible ergonomics of human input devices in general, these two designs are aimed at consumers with young joints, searching for more desktop space and a bit of [flash, zip-bang, any cool word that I wouldn't ever use, and hence don't know].

Keyboards in Light
Keyboards in Dark

Company Overviews
The eluminX keyboard has been brought to market by auravision. auravision has not been in the techmarket for long. The only products listed on their websites are several varients of the eluminX keyboard. They seem to hype their product more than is really necessary by attempting to claim that their keyboard has "the potential to reduce the symptoms of computer vision sydrome (CVS)." For the same reason they say "potential," I cannot say this claim is patently false, but it is certainly dubious. Users spend very little time looking at the keyboard and lots of time looking into their monitor. Looking at beige plastic has, almost positively, never hurt someone's eyes. Sitting 15-30" away from a radiation emitting device has quite a bit of potential. The point of all this is simply that the buyer should beware on claims such as these. In all, auravision is a small company--though possibly a subsidiary of a larger corporation--who has made a unique innovation and is exploiting it to the greatest extent possible.

Founded in April 1983, ZIPPY Technology Corporation started out with the design and development of Switches, specializing in mold tooling and material engineering. After substantial success in a variety of tech sectors, Zippy opened their keyboard division in 1997. Zippy's provided financial data shows that their net capital is approximately US$28,500,000. Zippy is a well-founded company that seems to have survived the tech crash with some strength left over to continue to bring new innovations to the market.

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