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Logisys Ultra Slim Soft Touch Multimedia Keyboard

Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2008.03.21
Topic:  Peripherals
Provider:  Logisys
Manufacturer:  Logisys

Logisys Ultra Slim Soft Touch Multimedia Keyboard



Most computer peripherals are optional (i.e. joysticks and headsets), but there are two items that all computers must have, one of which is a keyboard. Keyboards now-a-days come in many different shapes and sizes, some huge with twice the amount of buttons that you will never use, others just your standard straight forward keyboards. Logisys introduced a simple keyboard that falls between these extremes. There new keyboard, named the Ultra Slim Soft Touch Multimedia Keyboard, brings simplicity and elegance to the keyboard with a contemporary style. Lets see how this actually puts up to our testing.

Logisys's Take:

"Simplicity, Elegance and Contemporary Style. This is an ultra slim, soft touch two-tone black keyboard which has all the frequently used multimedia and internet hot keys handily located at the reach of your fingers. The keyboard features large size ENTER key and double size BACK SPACE, and extra size palm rest pad built in a volume dialer for media control. The ultra slim design with glossy black and matt black paint combination give it a contemporary look with elegance."


The Logisys Ultra Slim Keyboard came packaged in a box not much larger than the keyboard itself. The keyboard was packaged within a plastic bag and snuggled fit in the box to prevent shifting around. The only thing I did not like about the packaging was that it seems vulnerable of taking damage in shipping and handling.

Included in the package was the keyboard and a USB to PS2 connector.


  • Ultra Slim Keyboard
  • USB to PS2 Adaptor
  • Driver CD


  • Ultra Slim design
  • Two-tone black matte/glossy finish
  • Soft Touch multimedia/internet hot keys
  • Integrated extra size palm rest
  • Extra long seven foot cord
  • USB/PS2 Connector
  • Weight - 850g
  • Size - 495mm x 215mm x 30mm (LxWxH)



Operating System

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/NT/



Total Travel (mm)


Travel to Peak (mm)

1.5±0.5 (mm)

Peak Force(g)

55 ±7gm

Switch life

5 million life cycles

Weight ( kg)


Dimension (mm)


Supply Voltage and Current

+5VDC±5% @100MA

Agency approval


Operating Temp

0º+ 55ºC

Storage Temp

-20º+ 65C

Operating humidity

10% + 95% RH



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