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Vantec NexStar-SX

Author:  Matthew Homan
Date:  2008.06.03
Topic:  Storage
Provider:  Vantec
Manufacturer:  Vantec

Vantec NexStar-SX


The contents where packaged very well and arrived without any damge to the contents.

The drive comes with special USB cable for those systems not running USB 2.0 and need the extra power from an additional USB port.

The items that came with the drive was quite a few unexpected items. The cable and drive case was itself were expected, but the drive also came with a carrying case to help protect the case, though there was no place to put the cable, which more often than not gets misplaced rendering you helpless.

The drive has apposing buttons on the side of the drive allowing you to easly open the case without the need for tools. You can choose to not fasten the hard drive into the case allowing you to quickly swap out hard drives, but if you choose to screw in the mounting screws, the package did come with screws and a small screw driver.

Shown here, the top and bottom of the drive case slide off the main frame of the case.


Similar to the convenience of the common thumb drive, a USB powered 2.5" hard drive is a GOT TO HAVE peripheral for anyone who deals with a PC. There are many 2.5" portable drives on the market today that come with a hard drive included, but for those of you looking for a case to use or to give as a gift, the NexStar SX is an option worth looking at. With an Onyx black finished aluminum alloy case to keep your hard drive cooler and a leather carrying case to protect the case during transport are all little extras that makes the NexStar SX stand out from its competitors. The NexStar -SX also comes in silver mirror finish. Pick one up, you will not be let down by its utility. Since the start of this review, Ford has put Microsoft Sync in its cars, which has a USB port. TWL copied a large collection of MP3s to 30GIG drive contained in a NexStar-SX case and plugged it into one of the Sync enabled cars and after a few short moments all MP3s on the drive were accessible.

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