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Samsung SW-240 & SM-332 CDRW
Review by Navid Mortezaei on 05.27.2003


Every day, technology evolves, and computers and computer peripherals achieve greater performance and speed. This trend is particularily noticable in the CDRW market. In the past few months, CDRW technology has evolved tremendously, thus producing markedly higher burning speeds and lower prices at the same time, as well as being able to combine technologies like CD burner and DVD playback into one device.

Due to the price drop, almost everyone that owns a computer has a fast CDRW; today a fast burner can be purchased for around $50 US.

However, is price everything? What is the point of burning a CD in 3 minutes, if you cannot use it afterwards? Therefore, we also need quality, we need a burner that won't create coasters most of the time and has a Buffer Underrrun protection feature.

Samsung is one of the best CDRW manufacturers in the wide computer market. Today, we will be reviewing the Samsung SW-240 and the SM-332 drives, they are also priced very well ($50 for the SW-240 and $70 for the SM-332). Note that the SM-332 is a combo drive (DVD/CD/CDRW)

Again, one needs to look at more that price in a optical drive, quality plays an important role in optical drives. Let's see if these drives are have quality yet being low priced.

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