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ATI Radeon 3450

Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2008.03.31
Topic:  Video
Provider:  ATI
Manufacturer:  ATI

ATI Radeon 3450 HD


Doom 3

About Doom 3:

Very similar to previous versions of Doom, you play an anonymous marine who was sent to a base on mars for a routine mission. Scientists on the base were exploring a set of ruins where they made a discovery of a set of tablets. On these tablets were records that the martians once found a type of teleportion device that lead to hell. Finding this out too late, the development was invaded by demons, and you find yourself forced to fight your way to safety.

Benchmarking Doom 3:

Before we talk about how we are going to benchmark Doom 3, lets first define some programs and features we will be taking advantage of.

FRAPS: A benchmarking tool that records the FPS of your active window, namely Doom 3, and adds that information to a spreadsheet. Once finished recording it will tell you the minimum, maximum, and average frames per second of what it was recording.

Time Demo: A pre-recorded set of data recorded from true game play. The time demo will be replayed by the game engine as if you are playing it your self, it will then time how long it takes the render the entire record. At the conclusion of the test it will report the number of frames rendered, how long it took to render, and the average frames per seconds.

Since benchmarking our actual game play will produce a different result each time, we decided to use a timedemo. Using this timedemo will produce results that make the comparison between different products easy and accurate. Luckily, Doom 3 comes with a pre-recorded timedemo called "Demo1", in order to run this demo you must first open the command prompt by pressing and holding Ctrl, Alt, ~, once open type "timedemo <DemoName>". Thus said, we will be using both the built in benchmark and fraps to benchmark the timedemo to try and get an accurate reading.

Benchmark Results:

Doom 3

Ultra High Settings, with Anti-Aliasing Off : 1024 x 768



Avg. FPS

High Quality Special Effects: Yes
Enable Shadows: Yes
Enable Specular: Yes
Enable Bump Maps: Yes
Vertical Sync: Yes




Built-in Benchmark: Time Demo Results
2148 Frames rendered in 85.8 Seconds
25.0 FPS

Doom 3

High Settings, with Anti-Aliasing Off : 800 x 600



Avg. FPS

High Quality Special Effects: Yes
Enable Shadows: Yes
Enable Specular: Yes
Enable Bump Maps: Yes
Vertical Sync: Yes




Built-in Benchmark: Time Demo Results
2148 Frames rendered in 61.2 Seconds
35.1 FPS

As you can see from the results recorded above, Doom 3 is able to be played on maxed out settings with a resolution of 1024 x 768 at about 25.2 frames per second. Although 25 frames per second may be considered playable, it is still choppy and may get annoying after a period of time. Keeping those same settings but knocking it down to 800 x 600 resolution, we achieved an average of 35.7 frames per seconds which is definitely a playable frame rate. Although you may not be getting the higher resolution, you are still getting the max shading and shadows that you may not receive at lower settings.


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