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Review - MSI G4Ti4200-TP 128MB

Review by Edward Chang, call sign: Big_E

December 27, 2002



Nvidia's current line of GeForce4 Titanium video cards aim to offer an ideal, fast video card solution to fill the gap between the mainstream sub-$100 video card market and the ultra-high-end market currently catered by Nvidia's main competitor ATI. While the GeForce4 Titanium series has enjoyed its reigning seat for a good time, it is now time for them to secede their superiority to the ATI Radeon 9700. Meanwhile, the GeForce4 Titaniums continue to prove their worth, costing a fraction of their original introductory price, and adequately offering the 3D performance that all the latest games demand. Today, we will look at the 128MB MSI G4TI4200-TP. Let's find out why MSI's GeForce4 Ti4200 offers an unbeatable price to performance and value ratio.


-MSI Live VGA Driver
-InterVideo WinProducer/WinCoder Ver2.0
-MSI 3D!Turbo Experience!
-MSI DVD Player
-Dual VGA, TV-out, Video_in

- nfiniteFX II Engine

The NVIDIA nfiniteFX II Engine incorporates dual programmable Vertex Shaders, faster Pixel Shaders and 3D textures. The nfiniteFX II Engine gives developers the freedom to program a virtually infinite number of custom special effects to create true-to-life characters and environments.

- Accuview Antialiasing (AA)

The Accuview Antialiasing subsystem with advanced multisampling hardware delivers full-scene antialiased quality at performance levels never before seen.

- nView Display Technology

The nView hardware and software technology combination delivers maximum flexibility for multi-display options, and provides unprecedented end-user control of the desktop experience. nView allows end-users to select any combination of multiple displays, including digital flat panels, analog CRTs, and TVs, and to modify the display properties using an intuitive software interface.


NVIDIA® Corporation
(Nasdaq: NVDA) is the worldwide leader in graphics processors and media and communications devices. The unmatched breadth of NVIDIA’s product line enriches 3D, 2D, video, audio, communications, broadband connectivity, and high-definition digital video and television for every audience and platform including desktop PCs, game consoles, workstations, Internet-enabled appliances, Macintosh, and mobile PCs.

Established August, 1986
Product Motherboard
IA Products
Full Configured Desktop
Capital US $ 162 Million
2002 Sales Revenue US $ 1.14 Billion
Public Initial Public Offering on TAIEX (Oct. 1998)
Employees 6820 (World-Wide)
Head Office Jung-He City Taipei, Taiwan
Mfg. Sites Taiwan & China (Located at Bao-An District, Shenzhen City)
Capacity 1820K/month for Motherboard
1280K/month for VGA
240K/month for SlimPC & Barebone Systems
450K/month for Optical Storage Devices


Let's take a look at the card.


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