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Macworld 2008

Author:  Ricky Gilbert
Date:  2008.05.23
Topic:  Events
Provider:  Macworld
Manufacturer:  Apple

Macworld 2008

Macworld 2008 Expo

What is Macworld?

Macworld is not only a magazine, but an annually held Apple related conference and expo held in San Francisco, CA. It usually takes place during one of the first two weeks of January. The other well-known convention is Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), geared toward programmers and developers of Apple products such as the iPhone. At the Macworld Expo there are vendors from all over the world pushing their products. There are also classes and speakers covering many subjects, such as server maintenance or video editing. The big event, however, happens on Tuesday morning when Steve Jobs himself gives a 90 minute keynote presentation covering everything from Apple's current stock holdings to brand new products being released. I was able to attend the expo for the first time this year and greatly enjoyed my experience.

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