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About TechwareLabs

Founded in 2001 TechwareLabs offers cutting edge reviews, editorials, and event coverage by our professional staff. Our website is visited by thousands of unique visitors each day and our reviews and opinions influence the buying decisions of many more thousands of consumers.

The three “I’s” as we call them are simply, integrity, impartiality and innovation, and these three words are at the heart of TechwareLabs.

About the TechwareLabs Review Process:

Our staff and editors approach product reviews using both analytical and consumer best interest tests:

  • All reviews are performed hands-on in our labs
  • We use standardized benchmarking programs for both PC and Mac computer systems
  • We offer real world testing and results
  • We continue to utilize the latest benchmarking and analysis methods as the industry and hardware change
  • We utilize professional testing hardware and methodology
  • We offer accurate results work with manufacturers to ensure facts not fiction
  • We offer four types of awards on our site:
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Do you Want your product in the TechwareLabs Spotlight?

Please e-mail ourto inform us about upcoming product releases. We believe that a relationship between your company and Techwarelabs is important to both of us. If you have a specific product you would like to appear on our site let us know. Click the TechwareLabs Cube.

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