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Cyber War

Yes, you may or may not be aware yet, if not, then consider your awareness expanding right now. Currently as we speak, live our daily lives, some of us are aware of a lot of events happening simultaneously…. The economy falling weak to decades of FED money printer causing chaos on the American Economy thus affecting the global (not to say each individual country isn’t also struggling with their own economic problems or corruptions). Not to mention on top of the backs of the blue collar every day American, the corporate white collars are living life to their fullest getting bailout bank money to safeguard their risky investments (SVB).

But, that is only the surface which some may not even be aware of because the mainstream media doesn’t do a good job of providing accurate and full angle information, aka; they like to leave out information. Currently a cyber war has been wrecking havoc on Oil prices due to shut downs of infrastructure by hackers, and not to mention a whole worldwide Cyber War has been going on since the “Solar flares” in february! (if not stretching for years back, but the acceleration of network traffic as shown by kaspersky and checkpoint are insane. To follow the full story on the online network traffic start here on my X posting gifs, images, and events relating to the current cyberwar. From Feb24th and a month later until the Baltimore Bridge Collapse and then silence on the net…

So how do we track these things? Well loosely, and not as accurate as you would hope. For instance we only have sample data from particular players in the Network Security field such as Kaspersky (Russian Company) and Checkpoint (Isreal) which is an interesting east vs west alignment of hacking data… But here are the locations to watch for:

Both have filters for types of attacks, removing all spam based attacks and focusing on Botnets you can watch the traffic unfold… but again, suspiciously it’s been quiet since the bridge “accident” in Baltimore…
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