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Flipper Zero Tool

Here is a new sense to the word “tool”. As per any aspect of technicians interacting with components whether mechanical or digital. A technicians requires appropriate tools to test, debug, and fortify systems in architecture, wiring, or any other form of configuration in the real life world. From multimeters to hammers and saws, we introduce an amazing tool in frequency analysis, whether from a wire or from the air, this device is the swiss army tool of the new age of technology.

While personally I have limited experience with this set of tech I have tested numerous systems including nfc detection, radio frequency sniffing, and even wireless frequency analysis using a dev board attachment to the GPIO top side input panel. Things i used to need special hardware on a computer for can no fit in my back pocket or around my neck for simplicity.

I am even motivated to write up a full out usage manual in the future after playing around with its hardware and software but for now I can attest to the intrigue this device gives me with the added sense of the frequencies that exist invisibly all around us at any given point in time.

The hardware provides internet ability to detect and observe frequencies from 300 MHz to 1000 MHz (adding the dev board grants access to even higher frequencies nearing 2.6GHz in length.

The best part is not just the air sniffing but the added ingenuity of exposing internet circuits through the GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) panel on the top of the device. With internal apps that can manually send and read signals through this panel is a great tool with a breadboard, some circuit knowledge, and imagination to create, connect, or even buy modules that can detect CO2, Radiation, and any extra sense available in a circuit board in today’s amazon store with this IO standard.

There will be more of this device on TechwareLabs given a full all-around usage by myself with time, but for now, if your into this kind of stuff like me, it’s a tool to have for sure.

Now i didn’t mention the kiddie aspect of this tool, because that’s what the first impression provides, and yes I can even run a Tamagotchi emulator and really have some nostalgia for the good ol’ days. It’s still an operating system of its own kind fully integrated into the hardware it stands on, so finding new applications with time that can probe different devices (there is a radiation counter app but requires the right wiring of the and hardware (GoolRC Assembled Radiation Detector System).

But look, I can’t explain to you what this device is for, it can be for nearly anything given the knowledge to create or even just assemble with already existing circuits. This is the beauty of this device, and once i get to play with it a bit more in detail expect some juicy guides to flourish in the future!~

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