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Orlando Megacon 2018 Photo Gallery

Second year in a row we here at Techware Labs got a chance to visit Orlando Megacon. Check out their site here. As always it was crowded, fun, and filled with an amazing amount of very talented creators, artists, and actors/actresses. Between the rows of Artist Alley, the open space at the Exhibitor section, and even the concentrated tables at the Tattoo Alley, a con-goer will find themselves with a slew of things to do, buy, and gander at. Remember, as always: cosplay does not imply consent; all of the photographs were taken with the explicit permission of the cosplayer (asked prior to photographing) and if anyone feels like they want a photo removed are welcome to contact us directly to discuss this.


A little back-story: Megacon is an annually held convention focusing on SciFi, Fantasy, Anime, Gaming and comic-book communities that was first started in Orlando in 1993. The original convention held was the OrlandoCon that was held from 1974 until 1994 and was replaced by the MegaCon we know and love today. MegaCon has changed hands a few times in its life, starting with the Crossgen buyout from the creator James Brietbiel in 1999, and ending with the current Canadian owner Informa Canada INC.


If you would like to view the full gallery with all the uncropped photos you can do so here: Megacon

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