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Tesla Stock Share Variation

In the spirit of electrical empowerment, we here at TechWareLabs always like to explore all aspects of humanity’s passion for technological progress. Thus we turn our eyes to something extraordinary. Our favorite flame-thrower creator has just experienced a new expansion of his empire to drive our civilization forward! What is up with the Tesla stock share? Let’s dig deep!

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There was doubt, of course, like all innovators of his type; especially an individual that has revived the infamous name of Nikolai Tesla. This subject is a very interesting history to explore. (YouTube his history with Westinghouse and Edison, you will be in shock).

Investors and critics have looked for many flaws in the company and the stock itself has seen this rollercoaster ride as the news indulges in social guidance of opinion towards this company. However, Elon Musk has yet to show any form of surrender.

The Tesla Stock Share

Tesla Stock Share Chart 5 day period

Barely a year ago Tesla experienced a drop in stock quality at 178 dollars per share. After this brief moment, it began an ascent into what is now a stock price that nearly breached 1000 dollars yesterday (Feb 4th). It experienced a doubling in share price just in the last 30 days. Though with such quick growth all companies experience a slight fall as the bubble pops.

Tesla Shanghai Factory Coronavirus

Tesa factory in Shanghai

Many are blaming a factory in Shanghai that was in contact with the recent Coronavirus epidemic though we all know as investors the true case for this: A quick growth, a worried investor to gain personally, and a mass selling of the stock in order to profit from this growth. It is common to see such falls after quick growth such as this as investors rush to profit from what is a goldmine ready to blow.

The next step, as many companies have experienced is a steady growth towards that same ceiling it almost broke through. Here’s a summary of why Elon has nothing to worry about.

UK Future Bans

UK's plan to ban non-electric vehicles, Tesla stock share benefits

Many EU countries are actively enforcing taxation for vehicles that produce high amounts of CO2 and reduced taxes for all-electric vehicles. In fact, the United Kingdom has made a decision to ban non-electric vehicles come 2035.

With this movement and a definite global following to reverse the imminent effects of climate change. This is only a small piece of Tesla’s future security.

The electric products will be able to generate free cash flow that will help the company buy back many of its stock. This is convenient since Saudi Arabia’s wealth fund has nearly sold all of its Tesla shares.

Meanwhile, the company has just begun to generate this free cash flow, the timing is well placed in order to bounce back from nearly any drops of stock.

The Tunnel

Tesla Tunnel to alleviate traffic congestion and CO2 emission in Los Angeles

Next but not last the infamous underground tunnels in Los Angeles, one of the humanitarian projects to reduce traffic in a cluttered city. It will provide back to the community. In the end, of course, generate yet another source of income that can continue to fund him and his ambitions.

As modern-day companies depend on the life expectancy of their product and customer product refresh to continue long term growth. Elon is dipping his fingers in some of the most permanent, reusable, and sustainable systems of the future, and we haven’t even talked about SpaceX!

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