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Remote Learning and the AI Replacements

As an educator within the professional grounds of University of Central Florida as a professor and math lab assistant, and the many years I have worked at Valencia SPA area, I’ve begun to see a pattern in students seeking help.

It’s obvious one to one conversations are more detailed and in depth than a one to many broadcast, and thus the remote educator began to flourish with websites like TakeLessons, taking the lead with partnerships from Microsoft boding a high quality set of tutoring (like this one: …eheh, shameless plug~) providing content support for students with provided subjects, a full review rating system that lets the student’s take control of verifying the tutor’s abilities and results, and as a finale has its own video ecosystem for educational content that educators get a slice per view!

So the educational ecosystem has indeed begun to flourish more on a one to one basis where students have begun to seek out their compatible educator. The cookie cutter process of education we focus on really does depend on everyone being the exact same, but in educational psychology humans aren’t that simple, tactile feedback, visual or auditory support, so many actual psychological factor come into play when providing a well rounded session that only a one to one personalized session can provide.

Academics from Algebra, Statistics, Calculus and furthermore programming languages such as C++/JS/Python and projects such as databases, servers, network tools, games, websites, QT interfaces, etc. I’m just taking a few moment to strut my horn a little and say, if you need to learn anything as long as there is as source of content, some time for me to absorb, i can convert that complex language into such a form that even a monkey will learn it. (Not my words, literally a student told me this!)

So yeah, call this a little “sponsored by” me sort of thing, also taking a moment to link some of my network for the sake of providing guidance to anyone that stumbles upon this article and wishes to find/bookmark an individual capable of teaching GED -> College -> University content just find me on my new community the Super Scholars!

Otherwise find my professional info here:
As well as my overall online network including developing services:

That’s all for the plug! Namaste!

But seriously, personal mentors will become a huge thing in this technological environment, most people will be satisfied with AI mentors, but consider the human aspect of things as they degrade over time, without a professional guide will become a doom circle for many participants in public education…

From personal experience students that find a proper mentor can stay for years with that individual. I can’t’ say AI has the effectiveness yet to provide certainly true answers or any form of teaching module for simplifying complex content in terms of language use with metaphors and similes, but given years down the road it could happen.

Another job i had… interestingly enough… recorded all of our tutoring sessions, and one day they said “we’re ending our remote tutoring” and announcing some sort of “Subject Assistant” some redefined word they created, some internal digging and someone had told me they were using the videos we were recorded on and training AI to replace us! That’s insane!

Watch your jobs, because if this was true, then anything we are doing RIGHT NOW will be data harvested and fed to our particular AI model that tracks our job flow, and this could be the ultimate chess move by Evil Corp…

All this focus on AI to better “help” society yeah? I don’t see it.

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