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CES 2006 Day 4

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2006.01.08
Topic:  Events
Provider:  CES
Manufacturer:  CES

At the Zalman booth we checked out their line of undefeatable heatsinks and watercooling devices. Zalman is arguably the king of the passive cooling and quiet cooling market, so we are excited to be bringing you a review of their top-of-the-line CPU cooler soon. Those guys never stop pushing the envelope on cooling performance.

Zalman Display Zalman Display

Zalman System Zalman System Zalman Display Case

Altec Lansing was busy announcing the closing with a BOOM! giving away products at their booth. We can't wait to get a hold of their gaming headsets and speakers to bring the BOOM! to TechwareLabs readers.

Altec Lansing Booth Altec Lansing Booth

Until next year, Techwarelabs wishes CES a fond farewell and are already looking forward to the next show in Las Vegas: the city that never sleeps. As a parting gift, here are a few more assorted pics from the day.

Headset Display Headset Display Ladies Leather Cases

Solar Power Solar Power Vonage Products

Creative Zen Lady Geek Band

Nero System Nero Booth

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