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InWin Commander 850W PSU

Author:  Thomas "Erik" Engelhardt
Date:  2009.01.28
Topic:  PowerSupply
Provider:  InWin
Manufacturer:  InWin



Gamers and overclockers alike are constantly looking for stability and performance within each piece of hardware (GPU, CPU etc). Often overlooked is the PSU, which of course actually powers all those beastly components which turn your rig into a one-man-army-fragging-death-machine. In comes the Commander Series by InWin; specifically, we will be taking a look at the 850W PSU, although there are 650/750W PSU's also (and even bigger are the 1200/1500W PSU's). With a name like Commander and an ammo canister appearance my expectations are fairly high. Let's see if this beast of a PSU can hold true to its look and name.

In Win's Take:

"In Win Development Inc., a computer chassis and power manufacturer, has custom designed a brand new power supply series - Commander 650/750/850W for computer gamers. Commander series adapted Japanese industrial graded capacitor to achieve continuous high efficiency and long durability. In addition to high-end components, Commander Series also passed stringent 80 Plus certification, along with Active PFC to provide an energy saving and environmental friendly product to gamers."



6+2 Pin PCI-E (x4)
4 Pin Floppy (1)
SATA (x8)
4 Pin Molex (x7)
20+4 Pin (x1)
4+4 Pin (x1)




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