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Samsung L210 Digital Camera

Author:  Kali DeArmit
Date:  2008.11.30
Topic:  Cameras
Provider:  Samsung Camera
Manufacturer:  Samsung Camera

Samsung L210 Digital Camera


A Closer Look

"Photo Help Guide"

So you have torn through the box, gone to the Samsung website and you still can't figure out how the heck to use this thing! As with any new piece of technological equipment, who really wants to read the instructions? Samsung has come up with a way where you don't have to! This is where the "Photo Help Guide" comes in. I am still not exactly sold on the idea, but the whole concept definitely provides a user-friendly way of troubleshooting. The days of reading through a confusing owner's manual and wondering what the heck ISO, IOS, and AWB mean are over. Say you can't figure out why your images are always blurry. Rather than using your favorite search engine, now the answer is in your camera. By scrolling to the "Photo Help Guide" icon on the dial, a list of "features to use when...." will appear. The list contains features that help with problems such as camera shaking, low lighting, adjusting colors, out of focus images, and adjusting the brightness of your images. Oh! And did I mention that you can also practice using the features right in the help guide? Once you have found the feature that will fix your photo shooting problem, you are then given the option to practice using it! The image below shows the process of how to use the Photo Help Guide.

Samsung L210

The"E" Button

The Samsung L210 has some really fun features that make it stand out from other point and shoot cameras. For today's user, the more editing tools on the camera the better. One of my personal favorite features of the L210 is "E" button . The "E" button gives you not only the ability to adjust the color effects before and after you take the picture, but you can edit your image right on the camera as well. Whether you want a dramatic black and white photo or you want to add red or green tones to your image, all of these options are available to you directly on the camera. A neat aspect about the color effects is that you are able to alter your picture before and after you take it. Say you take the picture in Black and White, you can then change it back to a color image just by clicking the "E" button and clicking on color. Examples of each color effect can be seen in the testing section of this review.

Samsung L210

In additon to the color effects, once you have taken your photo, the "E" button also allows you to resize, rotate, and adjust your image to fit your personal preferences. You can resize your image to 7M, 5M, 3M or 1M, there is also a "Start Photo" option which allows you to restore your original picture in case you are unhappy with your changes. Furthermore, you can adjust the brightness, reduce red-eye, change the saturation and contrast, as well as the apply the ACB feature. Although not clearly defined anywhere in the camera, a quick look at the Samsung website defines "ACB" as Auto Contrast Balance. This feature automatically adjusts the contrast of your picture based off a measurement of darkness and brightness found in the picture. Below is the example found on the Samsung website. As you can clearly see the faces in the right picture are definitely brighter and more visible. The ACB feature is a useful tool for the amateur photographer that will ensure the best photograph every time!

samsung L210

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