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SilverStone KL01 Computer Chassis

Author:  Justin Washick
Date:  2008.08.22
Topic:  Cases
Provider:  Silverstone
Manufacturer:  Silverstone

SilverStone KL01


SilverStone KL01


Anyone with a lot of experience with building computers will have a good idea of what he/she would be looking for in a case. For most users, it needs to be sleek and of moderate size; large enough to allow for plenty of room to work with, without being too big. Another preference would be several features to make working on the computer easier, but without breaking the bank on a plethora of features that are unnecessary. If this applies to you, you may want to consider the KL01 from SilverStone. It is a quality midsize case that supports ATX motherboards, and has a few little features that you normally don't encounter in computer cases.


The packaging is professional and attractive, and contains the case and the usual assortment of screws. The case itself has dual 120mm fans (one in rear, one positioned over hard drive cage), with 5x 5.25" bays and the hard drive cage has 4x 3.5" bays.

SilverStone KL01 SilverStone KL01 SilverStone KL01
Front packaging
Rear packaging
Open box

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From the Product Page

      The Kublai series performance tower chassis are made for computer enthusiasts that require a finely balanced system with cooling and quietness but without the extra features from the flagship Temjin series chassis. Constructed with steel body and aluminum front panel, the Kublai tower chassis retains the best qualities from both types of metal. The KL01 has a sleek front door that is designed and finely finished in the same method that follows SilverStone’s Temjin series. Even with a traditional interior layout, the chassis is highly organized and tuned to deliver great cooling performance for any modern components with a pair of standard 120mm fans. For those looking to build a medium sized system with high quality enclosure, the KL01 is an excellent choice.
Special Feature
    Mid-size tower chassis for all around integration
    Temjin quality aluminum front door finish and construction
    Dual 120mm fans included for excellent cooling
    Perforated expansion slot cover for graphics card cooling
    Highly flexible drive storage options
    Includes SilverStone CP05 adapter to make any 3.5"SATA hard drive hot-swappable


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