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XClio 1000

Author:  Matt A
Date:  2009.01.23
Topic:  Cases
Provider:  XClio
Manufacturer:  XClio

A Closer Look: The Packaging

Xclio Box Xclio Box Side Xclio Box spec


As you can see from the above pictures, what I said about the box of the XClio 1000 being plain was true. There is very little to hint at the gem of a case that waits within. The box we received was a little battered, but the packaging kept the case completely intact and without a scratch. The packaging itself was very plain and simple. Styrofoam caps on top and bottom, plastic wrap surrounding the case itself. All of the fans are all factory pre-installed and can be replaced if you ever need to via four screws accessible from the inside.

Xclio Inner packaging


Moving In: The Body

Fan Front
Tripple Fan
Case Back


Here we see the front of the case mounted with the three stock 120mm multi color ball bearing fan. Each fan has the ability to be individually controlled via the controls located just inside each fan door, while fan speed is controlled outside the door with a little slider. Each fan in the case has four color modes, blue, green, red and mixed color (rotating between blue/green, yellow, purple and purple/green). The side panel also has three fans but instead of being individually controlled these are controlled as a set from the fan controller (bottom picture). The last picture shows the back panel with two spots for fans (not included), I/O panel and power supply slot. I found it very interesting that the power supply slot was not at the top or bottom of the case, but about 2/3rds of the way down the case. This leads me to believe that this case is designed to internally support some water cooling parts.

fan controller
3 doors
Top Xclio

On the top left of the XClio 1000 we have the fan controller and the front I/O panel featuring 2 Usb, 1 Fire wire, 1 E-Sata, power and reset buttons as well as the standard headset and mic jacks. Above that panel you have the power for the top and side panel fans, the fan speed control and the light color selector. The middle picture was taken from XClios website, it just shows the three doors, each with its own fan and fan controller. The final shot is of the top two 180mm fans, which are also controlled by the top fan controller. These fans are set up to be exhaust, meaning they blow out of the case instead of into the case like the front mounted and side mounted fans do.



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